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A board game created in response to Monopoly.

Anti-Monopoly is a board game made by San Francisco State University Professor Ralph Anspach, in response to Monopoly. In the original 1974 version the board is "monopolized" at the beginning of the game, and players compete to return the state of the board to a free market system. In a more recent version individual players choose at the beginning of the game to play either by monopolistic or competitive rules.

Anspach's game was subject to challenges in the courts. In 1983, after ten years of legal battles, Anspach won a trademark lawsuit in the U.S. Supreme Court. The lawsuit had been brought over the use of the word "Monopoly".

A similar game (in that it inverts the objective of Monopoly, but with the aim of giving away money and property) was described/invented by science fiction author, Philip K. Dick.

In Germany, where the original game was and is very popular, two more liberal versions of Anti-Monopoly were created and popular in the late 1970s and 1980s, one where squatters take over parts of the town, and another where the objective is to take over the town from polluters.

Source: Wikipedia

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