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Track and Field

Collection of events which can be divided into running, jumping, and throwing.

The outdoor track and field season begins in the spring and may last through the summer. Usually the tracks are an oval shape track of 400 meters, however, some old tracks are still measured in yards, so they measure 440 yards. The track consists of 6-10 lanes. Often schools will place a field in the middle of the track, usually football/ soccer/ lacrosse, due to their size and shape. This inner field is usually know as the infield. Recently these fields have been made out of astro turf or field turf instead of grass.

Track and field is not one event. It consists of many activities, including the basic classes of jumping, throwing, and running. The sub-activites are:

3200 Meter
1600 Meter
800 Meter
400 Meter
200 Meter
100 Meter
400 Meter 4x4
200 Meter 4x4
100 Meter 4x4
Hurdles (different heights)

Field events consist of the below; however, often these are outside of the stadium because they take up a large amount of space and may damage grass fields. However, many tracks without an athletic field in the middle use the infield for the throwing events.

High Jump
Pole Vaulting
Long Jump
Triple Jump

Shot put
Hammer throw
Javelin throw
Discus throw

Source: Wikipedia

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