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This is how to play the trombone.

Writer's note-
Before you think you are a trombonist after this, you might want to get lessons so you can improve. Lessons will also help you learn rhythms and higher notes. This will only review the basics of trombone. From here you can improve on your skills.


The trombone is an instrument that is made of brass and has 3 main parts. First there is the bell. The bell is separate from the slide, which is the second main part. The bell pretty much makes the trombone have it's unique sound. It is separate from the slide, which is important if you want to put the instrument together.

The second main part is the slide. This is separated in two parts, the inner slide and the outer slide. The outer slide is the part that you move. The inner islide is things you put oil or grease on (these you buy at stores, don't use anything else). The inner slide lets air go through the slide to the bell and makes the sound go through everybody's ears.

The third main part, which is in every brass instrument, is the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece lets you make sound. It is inserted into the slide.


Enable to play the trombone, you must be able to learn posture. You should keep your back straight, and then you have to buzz in the mouthpiece. To buzz, you have to make a certain face to have a good tone. To make this face, make a big, awkward looking smile, then you have to make the corners of your mouth staight.

Now, you have to learn the positions. It is hard to tell you notes without showing you examples, so I will only tell you the slide positions. First position is having the slide closed. Second position is inbetween the bell and first position. Third position is lining up the rod that you hold and the bell. (That rod lets the slide move, if you move a rod and the slide isn't moving, that means that you are holding the wrong rod). fourth position is haveing the two lines that stick out of the slide in line with the bell. 5th position is very hard to explain over the internet, so if you get lessons you should learn that position (besides, you won't need it right away). Sixth position is keeping our arm all the way out(as long as the slide doesn't fall out). Seventh is just like 5th, so you will learn that in lessons.)


When you are done playing, always pack it away when you are done. Make sure there are no dents. Oil or grease it frequently, so you always have a nice moving slide. Practice a lot, so your trombone always has a nice tone. Also make sure your outer slide doesn't fall out.

Source: Wikipedia

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