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How is the score calculated?

You get 10 points for each approved activity that you submit or claim. You also get 2 points per approved edit that you make. However, you should be careful not to submit bad or frivolous edits because you will lose 1 point for each rejected edit. You have the option of protesting a rejected edit. A moderator will review the decision and may reverse the point loss. Be careful not to protest every rejection because you will lose an additional point for each rejected protest.

How does editing work?

Anyone registered user can improve any article by editing it. All edits must be reviewed before they are approved. The owner of the activity is allowed 2 weeks to review the edit. If they fail to approve or reject the edit in that timeframe then a moderator will make the decision. Points are awarded for editing. Please see the scoring section for more details.

How do I edit my own activity?

You can edit your own activity just like everyone else, except that this edit will need to be reviewed by a moderator. The reason we do this is just so that a second pair of eyeballs can look over the edit for spelling or grammar mistakes. These edits are usually approved quickly.

How do I track comments that I have made for replies?

All you need to do is add the activity that you want to track to one of your lists. When you look at this list, you will see a little icon adjacent to any activities that have new comments since the last time you looked.

What do all the little icons mean?

stub This is a stub icon. This means that the activity doesn't have a description yet. Any registered user can claim this activity as their own by writing a description.

* This is a vote icon. When you see this icon adjacent to an activity it means that you have already rated it.

* This is a comment icon. It means that there are new comments on this activity that you have not yet read. This icon only shows up when you are view one of your lists.

* * These tiny stars show the average rating of this activity based on the votes from all registered users.

How do I add a new category?

Currently, only the moderator can make new categories. Please use the contact link at the bottom of the screen if you have any suggestions.

How do I move an activity to a new category?

Currently, only the moderator can move activities around. Please use the contact link at the bottom of the screen if you have any suggestions.

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