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Nintendo Wii

If you want a little workout while playing video games this is for you!

The Nintendo Wii (we) is a next-generation console, but has a twist. Unlike other consoles, with Wii, you move the controller around to move around in the game!

Wii has a variety of games, each making you use the controller in a new way. In a racing game like "Excite Truck" you tilt the controller to turn left and right. In a game like "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" you swing the controller around to swing your sword.

Wii games might not work in some ways with just the controller, so Nintendo made a "Nunchuk" for some games. You can plug/un-plug the Nunchuk from the back of the Wii controller for different games. For example in a game like "Exicte Truck" you would not need a Nunchuk, but in a game like "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" you would need the Nunchuk to move around. You see, the Nunchuk is shaped so you can grasp your hand around it, but has just one joystick on it, usually used for moving around in certain games.

Another great feature of Wii is the fact that 4 people can play at once, like with a GameCube. However you would have to buy more controllers, as you only get one when buying a Wii.

Also, Wii has a built-in GameCube in the top of it! Snap open the top of the Wii and you see... 2 GameCube memory slots, 4 GameCube controller slots, and a GameCube game drive!

One other feature of Wii (my personal favorite) is that if you pay money monthly, you can go online with it! That's right, visit websites on your Wii! For example if you go to and look around on the home-page you can find a link that says "Optimized for Wii/Mobile". It tells and shows you what you can do on a Wii from that website! You can't do everything you could from your computer, but this is still a great improvement in consoles!

A standard Wii package includes:

-Nintendo Wii Game System
-Wii Controller
-Wii Sports Game

Wii Sports is a sample game that lets you get familiar with Wii controls and movements. You can play sports such as:


Wii Sports also includes a few more features, including making your own athletes and customizing them!

If you would like to buy a Wii, start saving your money! It will come at a bit of a price, but is worth it with all the features it has.

Original Price When Released: $250.00

Flags: Very Short (0-60 mins), Short (1-3 hours), Solo, With a Friend, With a Group, Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors, Indoors, At Home, Morning, Day, Night, Sunny, Snowy, Rainy
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