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Take a nap or get a full night\'s rest

If you're tired, or if you're just bored and you've got nothing else to do, then sleeping is an excellent option.

Human beings cannot function without sleep. Sleeping increases work efficiency, extends one's life span and even cures illness. Sleeping is important for learning and memory consolidation. Dreams had during sleep can offer insight into one's current emotional state, or merely offer entertainment. Lucid dreaming, when one becomes conscious of dreaming and takes action based on that knowledge, can be especially interesting.

So take a cat nap, a long nap, or just go to bed. It's a great way to recharge if you're feeling low-energy at midday. Some people can sleep pretty much anywhere, just make sure that it's a safe place to do so. In Japan most commuters take naps while riding their train to or from work, however the same would not be advisable on the New York City subway system. As long as it's safe and you can get comfortable, settle in a go to sleep. It's good for you.

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