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lifting heavy things repeatedly for fitness purposes

A form of physical exercise that involves repeatedly contracting and relaxing muscles of the body by lifting heavy objects. The goal of weightlifting is to strengthen the body, keeping the muscles toned and in shape.

Weight-lifting is typically done in sets of 3 or 4. A set is a number of repetitions, ranging from 6 to over 50 repetitions. Doing 4 sets of 15 means repeating a particular exercise 15 times on 4 different intervals, with a few minutes of rest between intervals.

The correct weight and set number depends on the desired results. If a person wishes to increase muscles mass and "sprint" strength then high-weight low-repetition sets are desirable. If a person wishes to tone muscles and create endurance without dramatically increasing muscle mass then low-weight high-repetition sets are desirable.

Weightlifting is an exercise for anyone who wants to be strong and stay in shape. It is best when combined with some form of cardio exercise (running, swimming, jumping rope, etc) for a warm up, and stretching afterwards or during in order to maintain flexibility.

Source: Wikipedia

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