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It\'s a little bit like football.

Setting Up:

You will need flag football flags, a ball about the size of a basketball (but soft, kickballs work great), and two soccer goals.

First, divide into teams. Then set up the goals in an area big enough to play in. You should have at least as much room as a basketball court. Then mark the center of the field.


In the center the two captains of the teams play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets the ball first. Then the team starting with the ball will decide who runs with the ball from the center. When the referee (you should decide on one) blows his whistle, or yells to begin, the team with the ball can move the ball down the field in a few different ways as listed below:

1. Run with the ball. If someone pulls your flag while running with the ball that team gets the ball where the flag was pulled. The same thing as above happens, someone starts with the ball and tries to move it up the field.

2. Kick the ball. While kicking the ball noone can pull your flag.

3. Pass the ball. Passing is a good technique but the ball could get intercepted by the other team.


There should be a goalies box spreading about 5-10 feet in every direction around the goal. Noone can attempt to score within that box.

To score one point:

Throw the ball into the goal from outside the goalies box.

To score two points:

Kick the ball into the goal from outside the goalies box.


Say you are running with the ball. Someone is chasing you. You can throw the ball up into the air before they pull one of your flags. When you catch the ball if you still have at least one flag on your belt you can continue running. This can be a good technique, especially if you know the person chasing you can catch you.

Source: Wikipedia

Flags: Very Short (0-60 mins), With a Group, Teens, Adults, Outdoors, At Home, Morning, Day, Sunny
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