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Tree Houses

Making a wooden shelter in a tree, settled on the branches

A tree house is a house that is built among the branches or around the trunk of one or more large trees and is a least 3 metres off the ground. The buidling is usually made out of wood

In some parts of the tropics, ordinary houses for living are built in trees or elevated on stilts to the same level as the trees, to keep the living quarters above hazards at ground level. Some cities are made on stilts, with huge water lanes passing beneath them.

Treehouses are the only solution for building of eco-friendly facilities in some remote forest-areas. The wildlife, climate and illumination on ground-level in those areas is not suitable for human habitation. This can be in jungles, heavy forests or even in huge water ways.

They also are sometimes built as "forts" or "play houses" for children. In this case the houses can have any sort of fun things to do in it. This can also be great just to sit around with your friends and talk, far from the prying ears at the house (sister, brother, mother etc.) If you are going to make one, it is useful to have a parent help you out with the nailing and screwing and lifting of boards. PLease don't try to do this alone, the risk of injury is very high if you do that. Be careful, but most of all have fun!!

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