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Home Improvement

Small things to give your house a completely new look!

When you get bored of seeing the same things around your house, but don't really have the funds to do something great to your house, home improvement is the way to go!

You will be amazed to find out how small things and small changes you make to your house can make a world of difference to the look and feel of a room. You could start with one room and then work room by room to simplify things, or you could go more elaborate and make a proper plan of improvement. Maybe you could attach a few funds to the project as you can afford.

Some simple things you can do to pep up the look of your house -

1. Try to free up as much floor space as possible. The room looks much more bigger and inviting. Try putting more stuff on the walls than the floor.

2. Paint your room a nice bright colour. If you have beech colored furniture for example, then purple is a great colour to go with for the walls. Or even yellow or apple green... you would be amazed at how these colors bring out the beauty of your room.

3. Reduce the clutter on your desk/dressing table/side tables by making homemade 'junk holders' out of shoe boxes or any other containers that come with your normal groceries like oatmeal tins etc. Just cover them with bright fabric or paper, decorate them, and you have your 'junk holder' right there! It's great how these small containers help to make disorganized things look so organized!

4. Take an old handbag or satchel and 'remix' it to hang behind your room's door to hold magazines, take out menus etc.

5. Make a pigeon-hole cabinet to hold your spice jars in the kitchen, put the spice bottles in them so that the lid faces you and label all the lids with the name of the spice. It really helps to find the right spice quickly when you don't have time.

Well, these are just some of the non-financial creative ideas I could think of! But you could do a lot more! Hope you have a great time remodelling your home at very little or no cost whatsoever!

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