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Boy Scouts

An fun and educational expierience.

Boy Scouts was originally founded in England. It was meant for an experience for boys to help them become men. This is the story about Scouting moved to America:

One day an American was visiting England. He was lost, and had no map. Then, a boy, a Scout, helped him find his way to his destination. The man was thankful for the boy's help and wanted to pay him. The Scout refused saying "I am only doing my daily good turn." The man, impressed asked what the boy meant. The boy told him about the Boys Scout Organization. The man liked this idea and when he got back to America, he began starting the BSA. (Boy Scouts of America) Today many people are involved in BSA. Boy Scouts has also moved to many different countries of the world. Other organizations like Boy Scouts have been started as well. This includes Cub Scouts and Lone Scouts.

Cub Scouts was started so that children younger than the required age of 11 could experience Scouting.

Lone Scouts was started so that kids living in an unpopulated area with no troop, could also experience Scouting. It was also created for kids that were unable to attend meetings or meet requirements due to a disabled physical condition.

Boy Scouts includes many activities, mainly known for hiking and camping. It also has "Merit Badges" which are on hundreds of different topics. These include: swimming, computers, bicycling, physical fitness, music, woodcarving, metalwork, history, reading, and many more. When you meat all the requirements stated in that Merit Badge Book you receive a badge with a picture on it representing something you had to do for that badge.

A Boy Scout's biggest goal is to reach the highest rank in Scouting, the Eagle Scout. It takes years to get, and only about 1 in every 10 scouts every reach it. As you get older, you are generally moving up ranks. Here is a list of the ranks.

Scout (this means you have completed the age and a few other requirements to join Scouting)
Second Class
First Class

After you are over 18 years of age you may no longer work on Eagle requirements. However, if you reached Eagle Scout under 18 years of age you may work on Eagle Palm requirements. These are additional tasks added for older Scouts. The Eagle Palm ranks are:

Eagle Scout
Bronze Palm
Gold Palm
Silver Palm

Yes, silver is after gold.

Also, after you are over 18 you may want to become an adult leader in Scouting. You might want to even become a Scoutmaster and lead a troop of boys!

Well, I hope Scouting sounds interesting you. And remember:

"Be Prepared!"
-Boy Scout Motto

Source: Wikipedia

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