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Visit a Coin Mint

A mint makes coins for currency.

A mint is a facility which manufactures coins for currency. Mints make a very large variety of coins. Coins are minted for many purposes such as for circulation, collections, commenoration, and more. Today, coins are offered in a wide range of styles and values.

In the beginning, hammered coinage or cast coinage were the only choices. In more modern mints, coin dies are manufactured in large numbers and planchets are made into coins by the billions.

With the mass production of currency, the production cost must be weighed when minting coins. It costs the US Mint much less than 25 cents to make a quarter, and the difference in production cost and face value (called seigniorage) helps fund the minting body (in the United States, that body is the Department of the Treasury).

Most mints offer tours of the facility to guests on a daily or weekly basis. There are often requirements for such tours such as age and mobility restrictions. A mint tour will provide a vast education about the mintage of coins to guests. At the end of the tour, most mints offer guests the opportunity to visit the gift shop for guests wanting to take home a momento of the visit.

Source: Wikipedia

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