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Ham Radio

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio is a hobby consisting of licensed radio operators from every country in the world. Also known as "hams," amateur radio operators participate in communications using authorized frequencies throughout the radio spectrum. Every country has its own system of licensing and unique "callsigns" assigned for its operators. These callsigns help hams identify and communicate with each other.

Amateur radio is a great way to spend quality time, as the hobby teaches many different fundamental skills, such as formal learning in math and science, along with inter-personal skills, such as verbal communication and patience. One always learns something new in Amateur Radio, and it is a great way to meet people locally or across the world!

Getting started takes little effort, as hams are more than willing to help newcomers. The cost for learning and licensing, which requires some testing, is very low. Radio equipment can range from home-built kits to expensive commercial gear, but in general, costs are not prohibitive and it is possible to get on the air for less than US$25.

Source: Wikipedia

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