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Walking on snow

A simple but effective method of outdoor winter exercise, snowshoeing requires only 4 things: snow, snowshoes, proper attire (geared to the weather) and YOU!

Many types of snowshoes are available, but to start you might want to borrow from a friend or rent from a sporting goods store to see what style works best for you. Then go out side and WALK. It's as simple as that! Anyone who can walk can snowshoe! Using poles of the X-country ski variety is helpful too.

Although athletes raise the level of effort and ability to Olympic heights, beginners can just WALK and work up from there. ..Or stay at that level and just enjoy the beautiful wintery outdoors!

Snow depth can vary from just a few inches (not as much fun) to ANY depth. Yes, you DO stay on top!! Alone, or with a friend or group, snowshoeing is simple outdoor winter enjoyment!!
And... unless it's snowing heavily or extremely windy, so that your tracks are obliterated, you can't get lost. Just follow your tracks back!

Source: Wikipedia

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