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Building and changing words on a game board.

Upwords is a board game invented by Elliot Rudell and published by Hasbro Games (a subsidiary of Hasbro). The game board is a raised board with a grid for placing tiles. Upwords is an educational and challenging game. The game is especially instructional for young readers who are just beginning to learn words in their language. Usually, players work toward a total point goal through many rounds of the game to end up the winner.

Game play
"Upwords" is similar to Scrabble, except that players can stack letters on top of other words to create new words. The higher the stack of letters (up to 5) the more points are scored. This makes words built in later turns of the game often more valuable than earlier words, increasing play intensity. The game is available in about 20 languages.

For example, if the word on the board is CATER, a player on a subsequent turn could put a B and E in front of CATER and then put an L on top of the C and a D on top of the R to build BELATED.

The game's scoring is well balanced in two ways: (1) players get more points for words if all the letters are on the first board layer, but (2) then they get more points as tiles get higher since you score for the tiles in your word and the tiles "under" your word.

Since Upwords lacks bonus squares like Scrabble, there have to be extra rules to keep people from capitalizing on other people's words, and the rules do this by disallowing plurals that simply add an S.

Originally, Upwords was played on an 8X8 square board, which many players felt to be cramped relative to Scrabble's 15X15 grid. Newer Upwords sets come with a 10X10 square board, which allows for much more comfortable play.

Source: Wikipedia

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